Twin Peaks S02E08: Drive With A Dead Girl – Damn Good Podcast

Twin Peaks S02E08: Drive With A Dead Girl – Damn Good Podcast

We’re in a post-Maddy world, now, and the “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” storyline is barrelling toward a conclusion. Ray Wise delivers a terrifying and sublime performance as Leland who may or may not be behind the wheel of his own body. We see him slide between composure, meek Leland, and the anger of BOB. Unfortunately, interspersed with a truly great and meaty storyline are Norma’s mother Vivian and her new husband Ernie, Bobby’s plan to blackmail Ben Horne, Lucy and Andy and Lucy’s incredibly irritating sister Gwen, and a love story for the ages between Donna and Bland, erm, Egg, erm, James. The Laura Palmer storyline continues to dwarf everything around it as the shows cracks widen.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Enjoyed the last few shows. Just wanted to follow up on your questions regarding what, as a listener I would like to hear as we move into new material and covering previously released episodes.

    My personal preference is to continue working through episodes in order. While I realize this will mean you will be delayed in covering the new episodes I don’t see that as an issue for a few reasons. The first is this show is rather different from the Eat the Rube? cast as this material has already been released a long time ago and so wasn’t the sometimes rushing “and then” coverage of new episodes as they came out. I prefer the Driving Ms Daisy pace of the show as everyone has a chance to watch, reflect and then talk about the episodes. I like the introspection and consideration you take with the material and worry that trying to push through episodes would lead to missing or overstating story lines, characters and events.

    Second, as an international listener I don’t know if I can get access to the new content when it is released. Often it takes a few months for new material to come available up North let alone over in the UK and Europe, so having a delay would allow some of us to watch the episodes prior to listening to your commentary. No one likes having to go to those rather greasy and skeezy grey to black market sites where the owls are watching.

    Finally, even though the second season has some unfortunate story lines and content I would prefer to have everything in every episode covered at least to a degree as this would keep the current format going of one podcast per episode and also matches the meta issues inherent in this type of dramatic genera television. Even Dallas has had bad storylines competing with good ones to say nothing of Days of Our Lives. I wonder if this creates a certain tension through comparison in the episodes where the good material looks that much better due to the material thought of as lesser quality.

    Those are my preferences for moving forward. I’m sure you will have lots of feedback on this from other listeners. Keep up the good work.

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